Our company


Our domain is the production and design of POS materials. POS Line means people. We draw inspiration from nature, and our passion is creating sales space suited to the environment and highlighting the characteristics of our designs. The individual approach to each client naturally reflects the nature of the measures taken and ensures a unique design.


Each project is a new challenge for us, the aim of which is to distinguish your product from the competition. Our team will create something that will intrigue, surprise and ensure the loyalty of consumers. We actively participate in the process of manufacturing POS materials, in order to be able to suggest better solutions if necessary. We are responsible for the entire process – from order placement to delivery of the finished product to the Client. We design and manufacture POS materials with the utmost care, and we choose the materials used in such a way as to meet the high EU standards, which has a significant impact on the environment. In our projects we propose bio-degradable materials for production, including those that hold the EcoPure substance. Thanks to such solutions, our products are degraded almost ten times faster, and biodegradation takes approx. 1-10 years. We are continually improving in the field of ecology and acquiring new technologies. Recycling processes are being perfected, and materials such as wood or corrugated cardboard are used almost in their entirety.